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The Mall of Cyprus

The Mall of Cyprus merges the world’s most desirable brands, shopping convenience and leisure in a superb setting with an attractive mix of retail stores and international and local brands such as Debenhams, Zara, Benetton, Topshop, Public, Intersport, Sklavenitis, Starbucks, TGI Fridays, McDonalds, K-Cineplex as well as an organized food court with cafes, restaurants and […]

My Mall Limassol

MY MALL Limassol is a recent addition in the architecture of Cyprus. It is located at Zakaki, a small town to the west of Limassol city. At this moment it is the biggest – in size – mall in Cyprus.

Cape Greco

Cape Greco, also known as Capo Greco (Italian for “Greek cape”; Greek: Κάβο Γκρέκο), is a headland in the southeastern part of the island of Cyprus. It is at the southern end of Famagusta Bay and forms part of Ayia Napa Municipality. It lies between the towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras, both tourist resorts. It is visited by tourists for its natural environment, and is a protected […]

Adonis Baths

Adonis Baths located in Kili Paphos, is one of the most beautiful and unique areas in Cyprus. Tradition says that Adonis the God of Beauty tended his horses in this place and hunted in the Akamas forest. Bi-level waterfall featuring swimming areas, mud therapy & statues of Aphrodite & Adonis.

Agios Lazardos

he Church of Saint Lazarus is named for New Testament figure Lazarus of Bethany, the subject of a miracle recounted in the Gospel of John, in which Jesusraises him from the dead. According to Orthodox tradition, sometime after the Resurrection of Christ, Lazarus was forced to flee Judea because of rumoured plots on his life and came to Cyprus. There he was appointed by Paul and Barnabas as the […]

Agios Raphael

The Agios Rapahel Church is located in Pachyammos village, at the foothills of Lorovonou, in an area which difficult battles had taken place during 1964. It is a majestic temple built with a byzantine rhythm, whose construction occurred after a miracle occurred to a resident in the area.

Argaka Village

Argaka is a village in the Paphos district, at the valley of Chrysochous at the central eastern part of the Chrysohous Bay. It is about 8 kilometres from the town of Polis Chrysochous and it is located at an altitude of 90 metres above sea level.

Blue Lagoon Akamas

Explore the amazing nature of the West Coast including swimming at the Blue Lagoon and visit of Aphrodite’s bath. The peninsula is home to abundant flora and fauna, including some 600 plant species, 35 of them unique to Cyprus. There are also 68 bird species, 12 types of mammal (including foxes and hedgehogs), 20 species […]

Cape Aspro

A landscape of unique, wild charms unravels at the western coast of the Limassol district. Cape Aspro, whose name is related to the white, chalky cliffs rising above the beach, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in the Limassol district. The is a complex 5 different trails running through the area over the […]

Church of Prophet Elias

Located southeast of the community, on the foothills of “Prophet Elias’ Mountain”, is the chapel dedicated to the Prophet. It constitutes the main church of the community and its construction began in 1956 and ended in 1960, whereas the inauguration ceremony was held in 1986. In the past, approximately half a century ago, there used […]

Donkey Farm Kelokedara

The Donkey Farm Concept: In 1998 we came up with the idea of creating a donkey farm near the village of Kelokedara, where we would provide shelter and veterinary care for the Cyprus Donkey, which was on the verge of becoming an endangered species. The second part of the idea was to create an exclusive and […]

Golden Donkeys Farm

Golden Donkeys Farm is located in Skarinou village, halfway between Larnaca and Limassol. When building it, we were based on our love and care for sustaining the Cyprus traditions. And we really wanted to help preserve the heritage of Cyprus – friendly and industrious animals, which many centuries faithfully served the Cypriots. After all, it […]

Finikoudes Beach

In the south of the island is the city beach of Larnaca. Adjacent to the beach you will find a variety of hotels, restaurants and bars. The majority of tourists who spend their holidays in Cyprus’s big city come from Eastern Europe. The beach is particularly suitable for families with small children, as the shallow […]

Kakopetria Village

Kakopetria is a village in Cyprus located 55 kilometres southwest of the capital, Nicosia, on the north facing foothills of the Troodos Mountains. It stands at an altitude of 667 metres and it is the highest village in the Solea Valley.

Kamares Aqueduct

Kamares Aqueduct, also known as the Bekir Pasha Aqueduct, is an aqueduct near Larnaca, Cyprus. Located outside the city, near the old road to Limassol, it was built starting in 1747. Tassos Mikropoulos has described it as the most prominent water supply built in Cyprus.

Kourion Archaeological Site

The archaeological remains of Kourion – which was one of the island’s most important city-kingdoms in antiquity – are of the most impressive on the island, and excavations have unearthed many significant finds, which can be viewed at the site. The city-kingdom was built on the hills of the area, and overlooked and controlled the […]

Lara (Turtle) Beach

This stunning unspoilt beach has clean, calm water and pristine sands for those who want to escape people and parasols. The beach is most famous, however, for being home to a turtle hatchery; this is one of the world’s few remaining havens for green and logger-head turtles to nest. Volunteers monitor the female turtles and around […]

Ledra Street Nicosia

This is a very famous street in the capital, Nicosia, not only because it is littered with small restaurants and lots of shopping opportunities, but also because it leads straight to the crossing point between the Greek and the Occupied sides of the island. You can spend an entire day out on this one little […]

Lefkara Village

Pano Lefkara is a village on the island of Cyprus famous for its lace, known as lefkaritika in and silver handicrafts. The village takes its name from the white of its silica and limestone: Lefkara is derived from a combination of the Greek words “lefka” and “ori”.

Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina is a marina in Limassol, Cyprus, situated adjacent to the old port. The marina offers 650 berths for yachts up to 110 metres, as well as a commercial area comprising 14 restaurants and cafes, 40 shops, a spa, gym and cultural centre.

Makronissos Beach

A picturesque cluster of bays. Located 5 km from the centre of the popular tourist resort of Agia Napa, the 350-metre long beach of Makronisos is actually a picturesque cluster of three bays, stretching from the well-sheltered Makronisos Beach. With fine, golden sands and relatively calm, crystal clear seawaters, the small bays extend in different […]

Old Town of Paphos

Every single vacation requires walking around the city or town center, and as much as Paphos is a beach city and that summer-cation kind of destination, it is absolutely crucial not to overlook the historical beauty of its town center. So just briefly, your holidays in Paphos, located on the western coast of the Greek side of […]

Pedhoulas Village

Surrounded by pine woods, rich spring waters and cherry trees, the village of Pedhoulas lies in the Marathasa valley, high on the Troodos mountain, at an altitude of 1100 m.a.s.I. It takes the same time to reach Pedhoulas either from the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, or the town of Limassol on the south coast of […]

Tower of Regina

is a small stone tower. There was old observatory. There he stayed Small Guard, which sent messages to the mainland when Arab raids and they in turn take the necessary protective measures. Built in 1489-1570. It is one of the few surviving towers. A remnant of the Venetian occupation of Cyprus. Around the rocky outer […]

Platres Village

Platres is a mountainous village in Cyprus. It is located on the southern slopes of the Troödos Mountains (Greek: Τρόοδος) and is one of the Krasochoria. Platres is the largest Troodos resort, situated about 5km from Troodos square, 25 kilometers (16 mi) north-west of Limassol and 45 kilometers (28 mi) south-west of the capital Nicosia. […]

Salt Lake Limassol (Akrotieri)

Limassol Salt Lake is the largest inland body of water on the island of Cyprus, in Akrotiri and Dhekelia, United Kingdom, an overseas territory. It lies due south-west of the sprawling city of Limassol and measures 10.65 km².

Salt Lake Larnaca

Larnaca Salt Lake is a complex network of four salt lakes of different sizes to the west of the city of Larnaca. The largest is lake Aliki, followed by lake Orphani, lake Soros and lake Spiro. They form the second largest salt lake in Cyprus after the Limassol Salt Lake.


Sandy Bay is a sheltered beach nestled between two headlands. Nissi beach can be found over the western headland and the long coastal path to the harbour over the other. The rocky headlands also provide fantastic views over Ayia Napa and it’s coastline.  Sandy Bay has fine white sands and gently shelving waters. It is popular with families and is more […]

Trodos Mountains

Troodos is the largest mountain range in Cyprus, located in roughly the center of the island. Its highest peak is Mount Olympus, also known as Chionistra, at 1,952 meters, which hosts four ski slopes. The Troodos mountain range stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus.

Water World Ayia Napa

WaterWorld Themed WaterPark is an Ancient Greek Themed Waterpark located in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. It is one of the biggest themed water parks in Europe and it has more than 25 rides and attractions. The park operates a large selection of rides and attractions, food outlets, souvenir shops and other facilities. It has a long-standing […]

Fasouri Watermania

In 2007 Fasouri Watermania Waterpark has been awarded as Europe’s Leading Waterpark Attraction for the World Travel Awards, which is the biggest and the most prestigious awards program in the travel industry worldwide. Fasouri Watermania is presently the biggest Waterpark in Cyprus both in size (over 100.000 square meters – 25 acres) and number of […]

Tombs of the Kings

Tombs of the Kings are spread over a vast area close to the sea in the north western necropolis of Pafos. This impressive underground tomb, which probably belong to the Pafian aristocracy, dates back to the 4th century BC. The ‘Tombs of the Kings’ was the place where the higher administrative officers and distinguished Ptolemaic […]

Mackenzie Beach

Located near to the site of Larnaka’s (Larnaca’s) old airport, the highly popular Mckenzie Beach is a 1 km long strip with fine sands of varying shades of brown and beige, calm, clear and shallow seawaters, and abundant greenery. Facilities on the beach include toilets, showers, changing rooms, sun beds, umbrellas, dustbins and a host […]

Sirena Bay

Located inbetween Pernera and Ayia Triada the wonderfully bohemian and atmospheric Sirena Bay is an oasis of calm in a neon world. Hidden in trees, it is reminiscent of a Greek island with multi-coloured, wooden village chairs and huge, blue-painted tables. As soon as you take the path and head into Sirena you will forget […]

Konnos Beach

A little piece of island paradise. Situated 4 km east of the centre of the popular resort of Agia Napa – on the road between Cape Gkreko and Protaras – the 200-metre long beach of Konnos is one of the most picturesque on the island. The last beach delineating the boundaries between Agia Napa and […]

Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is a well-known beach in the resort of Ayia Napa, Cyprus. The beach stretches for 500 metres and the water is clean enough for the beach to have been awarded blue flag designation. The beach, which runs the length of its own cove, takes its name from the small islet of Nissi located […]

Coral Bay Beach

Located in the Pafos (Paphos) region in Pegeia – a thriving tourist resort – the 500-metre long, Coral Bay Beach is considered to be one of the loveliest coasts of the area. The sands are deep golden, and the clean seawaters here are calm and shallow, making it a popular choice for all, including families […]

Larnaca Castle

Located at the end of the Foinikoudes promenade, the Medieval Castle of Larnaka (also referred to as Larnaka Fort) is believed to have been originally built during the Middle Ages, and took its present form during Ottoman rule, although there is some contestation regarding its origins. Chronographer Florius Boustronius dates it to the years of […]

Limassol Castle

Limassol Medieval Castle is situated in the centre of the town near the old port. The castle was built in the 13th century on the site of an earlier Byzantine castle and has been converted today into a museum. It is the town’s most popular attraction because according to fame the castle stands on the […]

Kolossi Castle

Kolossi medieval castle is located 14km west of Lemesos and is a fine example of military architecture. The castle was originally constructed in the 13th century by the knights of St John and rebuilt its presence form in the middle of the 15th century after a Genoese attack. The rooftop of the castle offers wonderful […]

Trooditissa Monastery

Halfway along the southern road between Platres and Prodromos, buried deep into the mountains in a beautiful setting among pine, walnut, cherry and apples trees. This old monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was originally founded in the 13th century, but the present church was built in 1731. The church contains a priceless […]

Church of Agios Kyprianos

Located in the centre of the old housing of Meniko is the church dedicated to Agios Kyprianos and Agia Ioustini. The church is a basilica with ogive arches and staurolites and a particularly impressive bell tower. Through the centuries, several reconstruction works have taken place at the church of Agios Kyprianos and Agia Ioustini, something […]

Machairas Monastery

One of the oldest and most important monasteries in Cyprus. The monastery was founded in the 12th century by two monks and grew around an icon of the virgin Mary which was founded in a nearby cave. Successive fires destroyed the original church and its wall paintings and in 1892 the entire monastery was burned […]

Church of Panagia tou Moutoulla

The church of Panagia is situated in a central area of the Troodos mountain, in the valley of Marathasa at the Moutoulla village. In 1985 the church was listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes nine other painted Byzantine churches of the Troodos range. The church was built and decorated with wall paintings dates to […]

Stavrovouni Monastery

Perched on a rocky peak, Stavrovouni means Mountain of the Cross. According to tradition; it was founded in the 4th century by the mother of Constantine the Great, Agia Eleni, who left a fragment of the Holy Cross at the monastery. The brotherhood is extremely devout, keeping vows as strict as those at Mount Athos […]

Kykkos Monastery

Located in the mountainous region of Marathasa Valley, the Monastery of Kykkos is the wealthiest and most lavish on the island, and stands on a mountain peak, at an altitude of 1.318 metres. Dedicated to Panagia (the Virgin Mary), the monastery possesses one of three icons attributed to Agios Loukas (Apostle Luke) the Evangelist. The […]

Tsangarides Winery

The TSANGARIDES winery is the next generation of Cypriot wines. Our avowed philosophy is to blend old school traditions with new school style. Our youth, energy, and passion coupled with the distinct sense of place that wine brings to our lives, allow us to produce wines of great character, and distinction. The wine scene in […]

Zambartas Winery

Zambartas Wineries was founded by Akis Zambartas in 2006. After years in the wine business as Chief Winemaker and Managing Director of one of the biggest wine producers in Cyprus, he decided to follow his dream of establishing his own boutique winery. The pivotal point was the decision of his son, Marcos Zambartas, to quit […]

Fikardos Winery

Fikardos Winery is one of the first privately owned wineries in Cyprus. It was established by Mr. Theodoros Fikardos in 1990 and today its wines are considered among the finest in Cyprus. At Fikardos Winery, vinification is carried out with both care and with the use of modern equipment. The love, passion and expertise at […]

Hadjiantonas Winery

Man creation characterises its creator as much as a great wine. A great wine metamorphosis is formed through a secret relationship with its creator; every ounce of his character and his beliefs are transferred lovingly to each bottle. Through a strong heritage of wine making skills and the help of the latest wine making technology, […]

Vasilikon Winery

Vasilikon Winery is one of the first local wineries of Cyprus, established in 1993 by the brothers Heracles, Georgios and Giannis Kyriakides. Its successful operation is based on the excellent qual­ity grapes of Kathikas and the Akamas Laona areas of Paphos, which are mainly picked from the family’s vineyards. Furthemore, the knowledge, dedication and care […]

Paphos Archaeological Site

The inclusion of the Kato Pafos archaeological site in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1980 was the starting point for the creation of a General Plan whose aim would be primarily to protect and maintain the archaeological remains, as well as to promote them and provide comprehensive information to visitors. Kato Pafos archaeological […]

Aphrodite Rock

According to one legend, this rock is the site of the birth of the goddess Aphrodite, perhaps owing to the foaming waters around the rock fragments, and for this reason it is known as Aphrodite’s Rock. Gaia (Mother Earth) asked one of her sons, Cronus, to mutilate his father, Uranus (Sky). Cronus cut off Uranus’ […]

King’s Avenue Mall

Kings Avenue Mall is the ultimate place to shop in Paphos and is home to more than 120 shops, with brands ranging from high street to designer, all under one roof in an architecturally exquisite space.  Kings Avenue Mall is more than just a shopping destination, you’ll also find places to eat and drink, providing […]

Paphos Zoo

The project started with Mr Christos Christoforou’s love of Birds & Wildlife. The Zoo was originally going to be for Mr Christoforou’s private use to house his enormous private collection of Birds, but he decided to open the Zoo to the public, so that they may also enjoy the splendours of his private collection & […]

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark is the BIGGEST WATERPARK in the Paphos region, a one-of-a-kind naturally landscaped aqua adventure centre. Situated in Kato Paphos on the coastal road easily accessible by car or the local bus which drops off right on our doorstep! This non-stop aquatic thrill features, high-speed water slides, an extensive lazy river, wave surge […]

Paphos Castle – Paphos

Pafos castle was originally a Byzantine fort built to protect the harbour. It was rebuilt by the Lusignans in the 13th century, dismantled by the Venetians in 1570 during the Ottoman invasion and rebuilt by the Ottomans after they captured the island in the 16th century. Originally, this role was served by the Saranta Kolones […]

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